Norm Kelly selling Christmas ‘Normnaments’ because of course

Scarborough councillor all-in on the holiday spirit for 2016

Christmas is coming to the 6, declares an image on Scarborough councillor Norm Kelly’s website

If you’re buying into Norm’s possibly intern-curated, street-savvy Twitter act then go all-in by including Kelly in your holiday decorating plans this December. Seriously, Kelly is selling “Normnaments” for $9.99 a pop or $27.99 for a set of three.

C’mon, Norm…Don’t be so denominational.

No word on where the proceeds are going. It’s an obvious charity opportunity, although, if the money’s going back into Kelly’s pockets then maybe this is a chance for all those haters to finally string him up by the balls.

Background image via Taki Steve/Flickr