Nothing is more Toronto than this TTC delay caused by a raccoon

Trash pandas need to stop sneaking onto the TTC

What’s more Toronto than a TTC issue caused by a trash panda?

Raccoons are definitely no strangers to the transit system in Toronto, especially after one tried to climb down an escalator into a subway station, but this raccoon delaying the TTC is about as true to this city as it gets.

Northbound trains between Eglinton and Finch were delayed this afternoon along Line 1 when a small, furry bandit decided to stroll onto the tracks. It ended up taking about 45 minutes for TTC staff to remove the raccoon and for regular service to start back up.

TTC delays are pretty common in this city, so I guess we can forgive this trash panda who was just making his morning commute from one garbage bin to the next.

Check out some Torontonians’ reactions to the incident below.