NOW Magazine has been acquired by Media Central Corporation Inc.

Following MediaCentral's recently launched cannabis digital platform

NOW Magazine, and all of their related assets have been acquired by Media Corporation Inc.

On November 29th, 2019, the company acquired Now Toronto, which makes it the second property of Media Central Corporation Inc. This acquisition is the first of the company’s frthcoming planned purchases, as they aim to continue to grow over the next five years. “This acquisition of NOW marks the first of many to consolidate the 100-alternative publications, unifying their creative class readership within MediaCentral,” MediaCentral CEO Brian Kalish explains in a statement.

“NOW is an iconic Canadian brand that has defined and pioneered the independent voice for more than 38 years,” Kalish explains. “A voice that has informed what we know today as the creative class – a term originated by Richard Florida to describe the highly creative, upwardly-mobile, socially conscious people who influence and affect political, social and popular cultural trends.”

According to a press release, MediaCentral plans to preserve NOW’s influence, while enhancing it through new content by integrating it with their recently launched cannabis digital platform