Now You Can Buy Internet Fame with Your Own Meme Agent

The future is here, and it’s kind of terrifying.

Ever wonder about the thought process behind your favourite meme? How did it come to be? How did such a seemingly meaningless idea, thought or personality morph into a uniformly recognized cultural phenomenon? Chances are, it took on a viral life of its own after countless ‘likes’ and reposts from an entertainment-starved global audience, passed back and forth like so many other hot macro potatoes. Or, for the less patient, it may have been painstakingly crafted and shopped around to an agency of experts that gave it its lifeblood.

That’s right: we live in a world where YouTubers, Instagram-ers, or others with heavy follower numbers, and all of their ideas—no matter how inane or wild—can reach out to a team of media professionals who, in turn, will find them fame!


Agent Meme is a collective of industry insiders specializing in talent recruitment and image licensing for the Internet famous. Surprised that something like this even exists? You’re not alone. While most Internet celebrities reach the pinnacle of their fame before a marketing campaign meeting can even be scheduled, Agent Meme offers quick solutions to hopeful idealists who are looking to stretch their fifteen minutes of web fame right up to the gritty eleventh hour.

Imagine! The geniuses who came up with the Ehrmahgerd Girl, LOLCatz, ‘Chuck Norris’, and Troll Face, could have become a kajillion-times more successful had they opted for representation by PR heavyweights.

Unfortunately, that was then. This is now.

The future is here, and it’s kind of terrifying.