Now you can smash things in Toronto’s first rage room & table-flipping room

Relieving your stress one swing at a time

Ever been so frustrated you just wanted to break something? Well, now is your chance!

Battle Sports is an entertainment facility in Toronto that allows you to throw axes at your friends (foam ones, of course) and encourages you to let your stress and anger out by smashing items in their new Rage Room.


“Society prevents us from expressing that anger outward most of the time, so this Rage Room is a cathartic relief for participants,” says co-founder of Battle Sports Tim Cheung.

The staff at Battle Sports ensures you are able to defend yourself by providing a baseball bat and other protection for more destructive behaviour. $20 gives you a half an hour of rage and five plates to smash however you choose. If you happen to run out of items because of your rage level, you can order more from the “Smash Menu.”

The Rage Room is located in North York and has been open for just over a week now. Not many people have visited, so be sure to try it out next time you’re feeling angry.


Another way of expressing your anger is by flipping someone else’s table over, cloth and all. Ye Old Dandy’s is Toronto’s first ‘table flyppery’ in East Chinatown, and for just $10, you can live out all your table-flipping dreams. For a more exciting experience, pay an extra $5 for their mystery room experience.

Here you’re given the chance to choose between a variety of everyday items to flip over such as cassette tapes, and plastic kitchenware, making for a more realistic setting.


Ye Old Dandy’s are located at 617 Gerrard East, but are planning on moving to a more convenient location soon, for all your raging needs.