NXNE Addresses Action Bronson Petition

"Those who are offended by an artist are invited to check out other Festival showcases," they said.

Yesterday, a group of Toronto music fans expressed concern about Action Bronson being on the NXNE bill, performing at Yonge-Dundas Square on June 21. The petition created a pretty heated internet chat, and festival organizers are now responding to the protest.

NXNE notes that Bronson already took the festival stage in 2012 with Killer Mike, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah, calling it a “positive concert.” They also said that reviewers described the show as “laid back,” “a lot of fun” and a “world class hip-hop showcase.”

They also highlighted that Action Bronson is not the only opinionated artist on the bill, and that each artist has the right to express themselves through music.

“NXNE will also present a number of rap artists at various venues, such as Tink and Kate Tempest, who have be lauded for the undisguised feminist viewpoints in their music,” says Sara Peel, Managing Director of NXNE. “That being said, in the interest of moving forward in a positive manner, we are engaging in discussion with our community about this important issue, and looking to provide opportunities for concerned voices to be heard.”

They continued, saying that Bronson’s controversial stance is his alone, and not NXNE’s. They remind concert-goers, again, that he’s not the only performer.

“Those who are offended by an artist are invited to check out other Festival showcases, as NXNE will present hundreds of artists this June – some may be considered controversial, but most are just plain fun.”