NXNE Daily Best Bets – Wednesday June 18

A daily list of shows happening today that you've gotta check out

NXNE has officially graced Toronto with its presence. Whether this is your first experience with the festival or you’re a certified veteran, surviving NXNE can be pretty tough if you aren’t prepared.

So we’re making things easy for you. Along with our playlist and some cool facts you probably didn’t know about NXNE, we’ve got you covered with best bets each day plus a daily survival tip. We’re here to help you get through this week of madness and amazing music.

Our first tip is to check back daily for the list of best NXNE shows.

Best Bets for Wednesday, June 18:
GREYS | 12 AM @ The Smiling Buddha | Visit their website
HANDS AND TEETH | 10 PM @ Wrongbar | Visit their website
DEARLY BELOVED | 11 PM @ Wrongbar | Visit their website
THE CLIKS | 12 AM @ Wrongbar | Visit their website
AMOS THE TRANSPARENT | 11 PM @ Rivoli | Visit their website
FEVERS | 11 PM @ The Boat | Visit their website

Survival Tip of The Day
Make a trip to Costco and stock up on essentials. The party is just getting started, and assuming you’ve bought a wristband, you’re going to need a few supplies. We’ve made a list of things you may want to pick up next time you’re out running some errands.

• Gatorade
• Pain killers for morning-after headaches
• Sunscreen if you plan on checking out any of the outdoor shows
• Doritos or other snacks for those post bar munchies
• Bananas (potassium is great for hangovers)
• Multiple sources of caffeine to keep you going all week long

Of course there is a ton more we would like to add to the list but these are our basic necessities. If you’re an NXNE veteran and have a different list of supplies, tell us what you absolutely need in the comments section.