NXNE Relocating To The Port Lands

Two stages with an expected draw of 10,000 people!

NXNE is moving! Goodbye, lovable Dundas-Square mainstage. This year, a portion of the fest’s music component is relocating to the Port Lands.

The concert facility at the Port Lands (which was brought forth by a letter to the Economic Development Committee) is undergoing plans to have two stages for the festival (June 17 & 18) and are expected to draw a crowd of 10,000. The EDC adopted the motion last Friday, February 26, in order to help ensure “its next stage of development be realized.”

Although the Toronto Island has been a great spot for several summer music festivals, NXNE’s president/managing director Michael Hollett says that transportation difficulties (scheduled Ferry rides) made the Port Lands (a block away from the Sound Academy) a more desirable option.

“When people are leaving before the headliner has finished their set, there’s something wrong. [The Port Lands] achieves that feeling of being down by the water, and with the skyline behind it, it’s going to be a postcard shot.”

Hollett stresses that NXNE is not downsizing, but expanding to accommodate a larger crowd yet will still offer affordable festival pricing.

But don’t worry NXNE fans, the previous Yonge-Dundas mainstage will still be used for some music programming, although this year it’s planned to be used by the festival’s ever growing video gaming events.

Who will play NXNE? Programming is speculated to be announced within the next two weeks.

In the meantine, check out last year’s NXNE with this photo essay.

Photo by Nick Tiringer via Flickr