Oasis Share “Going Nowhere” Demo, Liam Gallagher Responds to “Sh*t Bag” Brother

No Brotherly love here.

Though we most likely will never see an Oasis reunion in our lifetime, the British band officially reissued it’s lavish 1997 album Be Here Now Friday, and with it comes a demo track of from the Be Here Now sessions called “Going Nowhere.”

Of course, in true Gallagher fashion, the release didn’t come without an obvious jab. Earlier, Liam took to Twitter to remind us all that he still doesn’t think so kindly of his older bro, Noel.

The frontman, turned solo-artist, was calling out his brother for allegedly not doing press, or attending the premiere of the forthcoming Oasis documentary Supersonic. But has he ever needed a reason to bash the former lead guitarist?

Grab the free direct download of the demo track here.