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Terrifying Horror Movies

As a massive horror movie buff, this time is of year is like Christmas for me. It’s the month where everybody embraces horror films and I get to recommend some terrifying flicks to friends who rarely watch this kind of fare. I secretly love the idea that someone is having trouble sleeping tonight because of a movie that I suggested. Here are some of the best recent horror movies I’ve caught recently.

The Borderlands
This one slipped under my radar after watching it I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It seems pretty “meh” until the terrifying climax where claustrophobia and bat-shit insanity collide. Seek it out and prepare for yourself for a super creepy finale.

While this movie isn’t straight up “scary” the whole way through, the horror elements are genuinely disturbing. It gets a little jokey in the second half but it’s brave movie-making that embodies the spirit of a carnival sideshow. So weird but so fun.

This movie takes the simple but effective premise of being forgotten on a chair lift while night skiing. No one knows that you’re suspended 60 feet off of the ground on a frigid mountain face for a week. What do you do? Do you jump or hope that someone finds you? All of these options are explored and yes, there are wolves.

Lake Mungo
This one is a slow burn but it creeped me out in a big way. It’s a fake documentary that centres around a young girl’s disappearance and the supernatural happenings that take place in the following months. This is a leave the lights on affair.

The Babadook
This movie isn’t out until November but I caught it at a film fest and it scared the wits out of me. Beautifully shot and super-original, this is one to seek out in theaters when it drops, trust me.


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