Of Monsters And Men announce forthcoming album ‘Fever Dream’

'Fever Dream' drops on July 26

After releasing their punchy new single “Alligator,” Of Monsters And Men have finally announced the release of their forthcoming album, Fever Dream, which is set to drop later this year.

The Icelandic band have been working away on the new Rich Costey-produced record, which will be a follow up to 2015’s Beneath The Skin. The album is set to bring their dynamic live energy to recordings, and it was announced through a set of exclusive limited-edition vinyl drops.

“We are so excited about ‘Alligator,’ the first release from our upcoming album,” frontwoman Nanna Bryndis Hilmarsdóttir explains in a statement. “The song very much speaks to the excitement and energy that we feel about being back. We can’t wait to share more music and see everyone again.”

Listen to their previously-released single, “Alligator” below.

Fever Dream is set for release on July 26th, 2019.