OK Go Says Apple Ripped off Their “The Writing’s On The Wall” Video

Apple's new promotional video about "thinking differently" isn't so unique

OK Go isn’t giving Apple’s new commercial their blessing.

The band says they met with Apple execs earlier this year about a video collaboration, but were turned down – then Apple did their thing. They hired the same production company (1stAveMachine) as OK Go did for their video, and here we are.

Apple reportedly has a history with “borrowing” artists’ ideas. They did the same thing to The Postal Service in 2005 after their video for “Such Great Heights”, hiring the same director for a commercial that ended up being undeniably similar.

You can watch the Ok Go and Apple videos below and let us know what you think.

“The Writing’s On The Wall”:

Apple’s “Perspective” video:

Check out The Postal Service comparison here: