‘Old Toronto’ Heritage YouTube Series Explores History of Sneaky Dee’s

The series explores Toronto's unique history

Morgan Ross, a musician from Vancouver, decided that Sneaky Dee’s and its surrounding area deserves its own heritage series. As a result, Ross filmed his own mini series that focuses on historical Toronto moments.

The Instagram account turned YouTube series has featured episodes on Sneak’s, the Dufferin Mall, Babe Ruth making history on the Toronto Island and a history of Trinity Bellwoods Park. The series also includes some footage about DC’s Superman and the comic book character’s connection to Toronto (for those who don’t know, Superman was co-created by Toronto-born Joseph Shuster, hence the west end’s Joe Shuster Way). See?! So much of Toronto’s history is left unappreciated, which is why this series is so relevant.

The series is called An Old Toronto Minute and can be found on YouTube. Check out The History of Sneaky Dee’s below.

Feature image courtesy of Jason Rowe via Flickr.