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Searching For The Oldest Bar In Toronto? (Top 5 Choices)

Toronto Is Home To Plenty Of Old Bars & Taverns

The oldest bar in Toronto might be closer to you than you think. Do you know which one it is?

If you’re looking to take a serious trip into the city’s history, you should definitely visit Toronto’s oldest bar. However, the rich history behind this list may surprise you. It’s actually debatable which bar is Toronto’s oldest. In fact, even the oldest bar in Canada is a source of great debate.

Jump into Toronto’s archives, and visit the oldest bars in the city… they’ve likely seen more questionable activities than you can imagine.

What Is The Oldest Bar In Toronto?

The Wheat Sheaf Tavern Has Been Slingin’ Brews Since 1849

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Image: @wheatsheaftavernon Instagram

This historical watering hole has been open since 1849. They feature a 1200-song jukebox, stellar pub grub, and lots of TV screens so you don’t have to pay attention to the person you’re with. Jk!

If you head to the Wheat Sheaf, you’ll see that it’s the ultimate destination for classic tavern fare, live music, sports… and whisky of course. While this iconic pub has been tastefully renovated, it retains the magic and character of its roots in Toronto’s history.

4 More Old Toronto Bars Worth A Visit

1) Maple Leaf Tavern

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Image: @mapleleaftavern on Instagram

Built all the way back in 1919, this gorgeous old pub’s aesthetic is dominated by wood. Maple Leaf Tavern is high on the list of the oldest bars in Toronto. They serve steaks and fish, as well as elevated comfort food. You can imbibe some locally-made craft brews here too! You imbiber, you.

2) The Black Bull Tavern

toronto's oldest bar
Image: @blackbullrocks on Instagram

The Black Bull has been the perfect spot for people-watching since either 1833 or 1838… depends on who you ask. Either way, this institution might just be the oldest bar in Toronto. They have a huge patio downtown (hence the people-watching). You can enjoy this historic, roomy bistro for its classic pub fare and billiards.

3) Miller Tavern

toronto's oldest bar
Image: @themillertavern on Instagram

The Miller Tavern has two locations: one on Bay St., and one on Yonge. They’re a staple in the financial district, and people love them because they revere tradition. The Miller Tavern first appeared on the scene in 1857, effectively making it high on the list of the oldest bar in Toronto.

4) Dominion Pub & Kitchen

toronto's oldest bar
Image: @dominion_to on Instagram

This unpretentious spot features a whopping 24 taps of craft beer. They also serve burgers, wings, and fish & chips. Considered ‘an outpost of friendly vibes’, they’ve been around in some fashion since the Dominion Hotel was constructed in 1889.

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