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What Is The Oldest Building In Toronto?

Toronto Has Been A City For A Long Time

Toronto has been a city for a long time, but have you ever wondered about the oldest building in Toronto? There’s so much to learn about this great city, and exploring its buildings is just the start.

Let’s dive into some history, and explore the oldest building in Toronto, as well as the rich history and details that surround it.

How Old Is Toronto?

oldest building in toronto
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Toronto, a city with a rich history, has stood as a vibrant urban centre for over two centuries. From its indigenous origins dating back thousands of years, to its official establishment as York in 1793, Toronto’s evolution has been marked by growth and diversity.

Its transformation into Toronto in 1834 further shaped its identity. As a hub of culture, commerce, and innovation, it continues to thrive and attract people from all walks of life, reflecting its enduring relevance in Canada’s story.

What Is The Oldest Building In Toronto?

oldest building in toronto
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The oldest building in Toronto is the Scadding Cabin. Built in the late 18th century, around the 1790s, it is a historic log cabin that provides insight into the early settlement days of the city. The York Pioneer and Historic Society confirms this, and even offers up a 360 degree view of the cabin’s interior.

The cabin is located in Exhibition Place and serves as a tangible link to Toronto’s past, showcasing its evolution from a small settlement to a bustling metropolis.

When Was the Scadding Cabin Built?

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The historic Scadding Cabin, built in 1794, stands as Toronto’s oldest surviving structure.

Originally owned by John Scadding, an assistant to Upper Canada’s first Lieutenant Governor, they situated the cabin on a 250-acre property along the Don River’s east bank.

In 1879, owner John Smith donated the cabin to the Pioneers, leading to its dismantling and reconstruction at the site of the first Industrial Exhibition, now the Canadian National Exhibition. While the exact method of its transport remains uncertain, some speculate logs were floated down the Don River and Lake Ontario’s shoreline.

The rebuilding process was well-documented in contemporary newspapers. A dedicated group of Pioneers, armed with a Union Jack bearing the label “York Pioneers,” orchestrated its move along King Street using oxen-drawn wagons. Collaborating with volunteers, they undertook the reconstruction effort at the exhibition grounds.

What Is It Used For Today?

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Today, the Scadding Cabin serves as a historic landmark and museum, offering visitors a glimpse into Toronto’s early settlement history. Because of this, it stands as a testament to the city’s past. Further, it provides educational opportunities for people to learn about the pioneers who played a role in shaping Toronto’s development.

The cabin’s preservation and use as a museum, however, highlight the significance of historical structures. In this way, they connect modern generations with their heritage and the roots of the city.

What Is The Oldest Building In Downtown Toronto?

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Situated at 17 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON, The Grange holds iconic status as part of the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Constructed in 1817, it stands as a historic gem in downtown Toronto, and is additionally one of the oldest buildings in the city. Originally owned by D’Arcy Boulton, a prominent figure in the influential Boulton Family, the building’s history intertwines with Toronto’s past.

It subsequently passed to D’Arcy’s son, William Henry Boulton, a former mayor of the city. However, The Grange not only embodies architectural heritage. It also encapsulates the stories of the Boulton family’s influence and contributions to the city’s development.

What Do People Use It For Today?

Today, The Grange serves as an integral part of the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). The historic building, with its unique architecture and rich history, functions as an extension of the AGO.

It houses various art collections, exhibitions, and cultural events. Because of this, it offers visitors a chance to engage with both its historical significance and contemporary artistic expressions.

As a key component of the AGO, The Grange contributes to Toronto’s cultural landscape. Further, it provides a space for artistic exploration, education, and appreciation within its historical and architectural context.

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