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Omoshiroi Block Memo Pads Reveal Beautiful Models A Sheet At A Time

Omoshiroi Block Memo Pads Are Functional Art

Omoshiroi is a Japanese word that means ‘many things’. The Omoshiroi Block is a notepad that has within it (you guessed it) many things.

Beyond that, however, the word is used to describe subjects that are many things at once. In addition to just containing many beautiful images, the block can also be described as many things. Some of those have included “interesting, amusing, artistic, frustrating, beautiful, and entertaining”.

How Do They Work?

Omoshiroi block Omoshiroi block

The block note presents a genius way to get someone to use a notepad.

You can buy a whole bunch of different options and categories. Options in design range from Japanese culture to architecture, and even movie characters. The chosen subject slowly materializes as you peel back the layers. It reveals an intricate and stunningly tiny design.

You’ll be amazed as things such as beautiful landmarks in Japan materialize from the block. They appear as if they’re actually hidden inside the block.

Kyoto’s Kiyomizudera Temple, Toky’s Asakusa Temple, and even the Tokyo Tower are all found within the pages of this incredible notepad. In other words, key moment’s of Japan’s history are all found within your notepad!

Further, you can also get your hands on ‘objects’ such as a violin, a camera, or a dog. In fact, in addition to this, you can get other animals that take their time revealing themselves to you as you tear off sheet by sheet.

Omoshiroi Are An Exercise In Patience

As you slowly work your way through one of these block notepads, a delightful sculpture emerges. With each layer that’s peeled away, you’ll reveal traces of what will eventually be a masterpiece sitting on your desk.

However, you’ll want to make sure you don’t rush the process. The paper blocks are far more expensive than what you’ll pay for a regular block of paper. While they’re less expensive now (having been automated), they’re still very pricey at an average price of around $45 USD.

Above all, these blocks are functional art, and will test your patience as well as your capacity for beauty.

Omoshiroi block


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