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One-Shot Music Videos

The amount of planning, detail, and effort that goes into a one-shot music video is incredible. While you might think its simple because there is little to no editing to follow…it is actually quite difficult to get the perfect take. It usually takes a full day of doing the same thing over and over and over again to get it right. This is a gruelling and very repetitive process for musicians but at the same time very rewarding when you finally nail it. Here is a list of my favourite one-shot videos.

This video blows my mind. The choreography is amazing. It took 7 takes to get this one right and hours of rehearsal. Kudos!

Spike Jonze directed this panda masterpiece. Drunk people, pandas, and confetti…what an interesting concept.

Vampire Weekend has a couple one-shot videos.


This offering from Weezer is straight up R&R. Just a bunch of musicians playing their instruments.

Love this Hollerado video. Another one that took countless hours of preparation and a serious attention to detail.

Hey Thomas Mars! How long were you holding onto that dove?

Finally…I will forgo my usual Hall & Oates post to plug my boyfriend’s new music video for Calculated Love. This entire one-shot video was filmed in Etobicoke by director Ryan Nolan. This is Calculated Love by Noel Johnson.

Ryan Nolan also directed this beautiful one-shot video for Toronto musician Robyn Dell’Unto. I dare you not to cry. It is so beautiful.

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