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Online Petition Leads Kanye West to Deny Bowie Tribute Album

David Bowie is the man. His works have inspired generations with originality, mystery, rebellion, oddity and fun, a true embrace to each individual’s lovingly addressed “inner freak” with his androgyny and spaceman, glam-rock infamy. Even recently scientists named a constellation after the Ziggy Stardust singer. So it comes to no surprise that artists would want to pay tribute to him.

Rumours had many speculating that Kanye West is reportedly to release a David Bowie covers album after discovering the late icon’s repertoire following his death.

A petition emerging with over 12,066 signatures to stop the rapper from recording an album. Kanye’s rep confirms that the rumours are false and Kanye will not record a Bowie tribute album.

The Daily Star was the first to spark speculation, claiming that Kanye has been busy laying down tracks for Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel” and “Heroes”.

While there is no Bowie tribute album  in the midst, what Bowie song would you want to see Kanye cover? Comment below and in the meantime check out this tribute to David Bowie by Indie88.

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