Indie88 Video Premiere: Only Yours Share “Different”

Toronto synth band share dream-like summer anthem

Toronto post-pop group Only Yours have released a stunning summer video accompaniment to their recently released single “Different”.

At the pinnacle of the 80s pop music Renaissance, Only Yours have taken a page out of the books of the greats like as Tears for Tears and Gary Jules. “Different”, aptly put, is a refreshing take on the synth-lead pop genre. A subtle, bouncing bass synth drives this nostalgic-summer anthem, underneath singer Lowell Sostomi’s intense, floating vocals.

The music video, alike the song create a sense of instant reminiscence; a fleeting moment that you’ll remember for years to come. Shot on a rooftop overlooking Queen Street, the video moves through a dream-like party through slow motion narrative, creating that nostalgic immediacy. Sostomi elaborated on that feeling:

“We wanted the ‘Different’ video to capture the essence of summer in the city, but almost as though it were a memory. My most vivid memories of summer are always times when I was really IN the moment and we wanted to recreate that feeling.”

Watch “Different” below: