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The Government is Finally Going to Put an End to Evil Scalper Bots

The Ontario government plans to eliminate “scalper bots” with a proposed legislation that will make it illegal to use automated ticket-buying bots. The new legislation, entitled The Ticket Sales Act, will be introduced in the fall with the goal to prevent ticket fraud.

In addition to banning bots and the sale of tickets purchased through bots, the government also plans on placing a cap on the resale of tickets. With this cap, scalpers will only be able to markup tickets at 50 per cent of their face value. Ticket resellers will also be required to provide information such as the face value of the tickets and surcharges.

Although bots have been a huge problem for ticket buyers over the past decade, the effects of scalper bots were brought to the forefront in 2016, when the Tragically Hip’s farewell tour tickets went on sale. The tickets sold out within seconds, only to reappear online at obscene resale prices.

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