Ontario Government Decides You Can Smoke Weed Wherever Smoking Tobacco Is Allowed

If you hate the smell you're going to have a bud time

Yesterday the Ontario Progressive Conservative government announced that when cannabis is legalized on October 17th, you can smoke up anywhere smoking tobacco is allowed.

The Conservatives overturned stricter laws placed by the Liberals, where recreational cannabis smoking was only allowed in private Ontario residences.

In recent years, smokers have been confined to less and less space. The Smoke-Free Ontario initiative outlines all of the places where smoking is prohibited, which includes outdoor patios and “outdoor smoking shelters that have more than two walls and a roof.”

Smoking weed in vehicles (including boats) will still be prohibited, and violation of these rules can result in a fine between $1,000 and $5,000.

Recreational cannabis will only be sold online when it’s legalized, and private retail stores are set to be permitted by next April. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario will regulate the sale of cannabis, and will have the power to grant and revoke licenses.

There has been no mention on where the consumption of edibles will be permitted.