Ontario passes legislation to scrap daylight saving time

It will only be brought into motion if Quebec and New York do so as well

The Ontario government has passed a legislation that would scrap daylight saving time, making daylight time permanent in the province.

The Time Amendment Act, which would end the bi-annual changing of the clocks, was passed on Wednesday on third reading in the legislature. Tabled by MPP for Ottawa West – Nepean Jeremy Roberts in October, the Time Amendment Act aims to reduce “serious negative effects” from daylight saving time.

Roberts says that studies have shown that the bi-annual changing of the clocks can cause negative effects like increased rates of depression, heart attacks, and strokes. Additionally, Roberts says that the change would promote more consumerism by giving residents of Ontario more hours of daylight in the evening.

“I am thrilled that tonight my bill ending the time change in Ontario passed through final reading with unanimous support,” Roberts explains. “Ontario is now poised to lead the way on ending this outdated practice.”

There is one catch: Ontario’s Attorney General would only bring the act into motion if Quebec and New York did so as well. “I look forward now to reaching out to counterparts in Quebec and New York to get them on board this exciting initiative,” Roberts says.