Ontario recommends no trick or treating this Halloween in Toronto, Ottawa, Peel, and York Region

Infectious disease expert says Halloween 'about as low risk as it gets'

Ontario health officials have recommended that residents in Toronto, Ottawa, Peel, and York Region refrain from participating in trick or treating door-to-door this Halloween.

Dr. David Williams, the province’s Chief Medical Officer of Health cited the high transmission rates of COVID-19 in the aforementioned regions as the reason for the recommendation.

The province’s decision to ostensibly shelve trick or treating for 2020 doesn’t “sit right” with Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease physician and scientist at the University of Toronto.

People living outside of Ontario’s COVID-19 hotspots are being advised to only go door-to-door with members of their own household and to only accept candy outdoors. Candy handlers are also being advised to frequently sanitize or wash their hands and use tongs to give out treats.

Ontario reported 704 new COVID-19 cases on Monday.

Image via Flickr/Rob Briscoe