Ontario set to get rid of cannabis store lottery system, opening more shops in 2020

There could be up to 1,000 stores in Ontario

Premier Doug Ford has announced that Ontario is scrapping its cannabis store lottery system, and as a result, will be opening more stores in 2020.

Ontario’s cannabis retail system will grow in the new year, with new stores opening to up the competition and rally against the black market. In a news conference, Ford explained that they’re looking to open up the market, according to CBC.

Initially, the government said there could be up to 1,000 pot shops in Ontario, but a supply shortage caused the government to use a lottery system for the first 25 licenses.”Yeah, I think that’s eventually what the goal is, right, to open it up to the market and let the market dictate,” Ford explained. “It’s like any business. Some people will be successful and some won’t.”

The news comes after the government held a second lottery a few months ago, bringing the number of stores up to 75.

While Ford did explain that more weed shops would be opened in the new year, they did not reveal how many.