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Ophelia Brown’s Tweet to Kylie Jenner Is Perfect

When Kylie Jenner recently posted a fashion photo of herself in a wheelchair, most people were (at the very least) perplexed. Ophelia Brown, a Grade 12 student at Ottawa’s Merivale High School, was none too pleased. Brown uses a wheelchair for a complex regional pain syndrome that she was diagnosed with as a child.

Her pitch-perfect tweet is below.

In an interview with CBC, Brown stated:

Having an able-bodied person pose in a wheelchair like it’s a fashion accessory, it trivializes the concept of a wheelchair. A wheelchair is not a fashion accessory, it’s not a prop, it’s not something that I can easily get in and out of. It’s not something that I want. It’s something that I need to get to school, to go out with friends, to live a normal life. It’s not something to be trivialized.

Hear hear.

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