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12 Optical Illusion Tattoo Ideas That Will Have You Seeing Double (Or Triple)

These 12 Optical Illusion Tattoo Ideas Are Almost Impossible To Look Away From

I have a theory: People are getting more and more unique tattoos as a way of individualizing ourselves in an increasingly homogenized society. Whether or not you agree, I think we can all get on the same page that the optical illusion tattoo is bringing so much creativity and individuality to the world of tattoos.

Trippy tattoos are not new, but the level of optical illusion with tattoo art is coming a long way. It’s incredible what these artists can do… and what people are wanting to put on their bodies.

Let’s check out some of our faves for some daily inspiration!

  1. Three sets of eyes

It feels like there’s a lot of symbolism in this tattoo with the keyhole in the middle of the forehead, three sets of eyes, and black doves coming out of her head. The hair is quite Medusa-like as well.

I could stare at this one for a long time. You?

trippy tattoos

2. Pen behind the ear

Thought this one was real at first glance. Very cool; loving the dedication to whatever it is this guy does for a living / for his hobby. Also love how the shadow looks like it follows the shape of his head and as a result makes it look that much more realistic. BRB, gotta go draw something now.

trippy tattoos

3. Hole in arm

This is dedication. Looks like there’s some loopy hole in this person’s arm that you could stick your hand through. I bet people make comments on this optical illusion tattoo in line at the grocery store.

trippy tattoos

4. Mystique, is that you?

Seems like a lot of people want to give the impression that they are something completely different underneath their skin. With this optical illusion tattoo, they’ve coupled the idea that he’s made up of puzzle pieces, while also insinuating that there’s some kind of aquatic superhero underneath it all. Very creative.

trippy tattoos

5. Robotic undertones

In yet another ‘underneath the skin’ slasher tattoo, this woman appears to have the inner workings of a robot, including a spine and skeletal structure with gears. So cool how everything comes of of the spine… especially loving the bolts in the middle of the vertebrae.

trippy tattoos

6. This guy tattooed his face on his hands

You know, someone with this level of creativity and commitment must just DREAM about the moment at parties and family gatherings when someone says: “Hey Steve, show them your hand-tattoo-thing!”

Then, he does this.

trippy tattoos

7. Kinda wanna say ew

Is this photoshopped? Why would someone do this? And why… blue buttons?

I’ll never know the answer to any of these questions, but this guy will forever look like he has bits of a fancy shirt permanently tattooed to his chest and stomach. The metallic thread is a nice touch. Like a crafty robot.

trippy tattoos

8. Terminator tattoo

This is super intriguing. The artist left some muscle visible in this optical illusion tattoo that yet again suggests this human is not human at all. The wires, the metal, it’s all a part of the art of this tattoo. It even looks like there’s some glowing tubes in there. Very realistic!

trippy tattoos

9. Seeing double

Get it? That’s a double entendre.

Some people seem to have eyes in the back of their heads, but this person has eyes on the back of their triceps.

trippy tattoos
Image: @deliustattoo on Instagram

10. Ladyladybugbug

This one has me seeing double for sure. Or is that triple? I can’t tell anymore. It’s like when you spell “the” too many times and you start doubting your basic spelling skills. This one is making me doubt my basic seeing skills.

trippy tattoos
Image: @nataliarainy on Instagram

11. 3D character!

I wonder if this pops off the skin when you put on 3D glasses! Woah what a cool idea. I mean, not one that I would personally commit to for life, but I like that other people are doing it.

trippy tattoos
Image: @rory247_tattoos on Instagram

12. Spiderman, is that you?

You know, this looks pretty real and scary.

I wonder how old this guy was when he got this optical illusion tattoo. And I wonder if he apologizes for it when he takes off his shirt in a new sexual experience. Or does he take off his shirt in a new sexual experience? Who’s to say? No shame in purporting to be Spiderman, I suppose.

trippy tattoos


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