Oreo, the raccoon who inspired Rocket from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ passes away at 10

'Oreo you made so many people's lives happy'

Although Rocket lived through the Great Dusting, Oreo, the real-life raccoon inspiration for the Guardians of the Galaxy star, has passed away.

The animal animators for the film used Oreo as a reference for the Marvel Cinematic Universe character, and his family confirmed on on Facebook that the raccoon has died at the age of 10. Apparently, Oreo struggled with a brief illness before he died. “Many thanks to our wonderful vets for their compassion and care,” the family wrote. “Oreo you made so many people’s lives happy. You have been an amazing ambassador for raccoons everywhere.”

Check out the full statement from Oreo’s family, alongside pictures of the animal below.

Lead photo courtesy of Quinta Layla on Facebook.