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Original Misfits Lineup Reuniting for Riot Fest

2016 is officially the year of reunions. The organizers behind Riot Fest have somehow convinced the original Misfits lineup to reunite, to headline the festival this coming fall.

This will be the first time Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only, and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein will take the same stage in nearly 30 years. After Danzig left in 1983 for a solo career, Only and Von Frankenstein continued the band together but were never able to put aside their differences to bring the former singer/songwriter back.

But Riot Fest organizer Mike Petryshyn told Noisey it wasn’t as laborious an experience as one would expect,

“It has been the most natural and organic process I’ve ever been a part of. To be frank, it still hasn’t really hit me that this is actually happening because it’s always been a pipe dream of ours and every Misfits fan. But it is, and I cannot fucking wait to sing along with everyone there.”

Of course, this has to happen the year that Riot Fest skips out on Toronto, so you’ll only be able to catch this historic performance in Denver or Chicago. The Misfits also announced an upcoming EP Friday the 13th: four “horror-punk anthems” written by Jerry Only. According to the press release, the EP will be an homage to the great horror-slasher films of the 80s.

Thinking about making the trip? Grab tickets through Riot Fest.

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