Osheaga Launches Interactive Teaser Campaign

Find the clues and choose the 2014 line-up for a chance to win

The Osheaga festival launched their teaser campaign today – a mural that includes hints and clues to the artists on their 2014’s lineup. The line-up will be announced on Tuesday, March 11 at NOON when tickets will also go on sale.

Fans will have 5 days to participate by submit their very own Osheaga 2014 lineup prediction and in doing so will be automatically entered to win a pair of festival passes.

Fans can submit their entries until midnight on Monday, March 10th and the winner will be announced on the morning of Tuesday, March 11th. The website will also host a leaderboard for those who are most successful in determining the lineup with Top 10 each receiving a limited edition silkscreen print of the mural art.

Try your luck at osheaga.com