Ottawa Bluesfest Can’t Set Up Their Main Stage Because Of One Bird

Small bird picked main stage plot to lay eggs

We’ve seen it all in the past, the outcome of major music festivals can be affected by any number of variables, such as of low sales, bad weather, or headliners pulling out at the last minute… but we’ve never seen one be jeopardized by something as small as a bird.

One of Canada’s largest outdoor music festivals, Ottawa Bluesfest, is beak-deep in a logistical problem right now after a bird has taken up the space where the main stage is supposed to be set up as her nesting ground. The killdeer has chosen that spot to lay four eggs, waiting for them to hatch.

A killdeer was recently spotted in the middle of a cobblestone — the spot where Bluesfest’s main stage is supposed to be set up. According to a CBC reporter, festival organizers have applied to Environment Canada to have the bird’s eggs moved 50 feet from where they sit. Though some conservationists argue that some birds will abandon their eggs if they are moved.

While killdeers aren’t an endangered species in Canada they have been in decline in recent years. Killdeers nesting spots are protected under the Migratory Birds Convention Act. Typically their eggs take 24-26 days to hatch.

Festival organizers are hoping the birds hatch in the next couple days as the festival kicks off July 5th, running until the 15th. Festival organizer Mark Monahan says despite situation, he has “no indication that this bird will disrupt the event.” That being said, Monahan says “this is one of the most challenging problems we have faced recently.”

Update 2:08 (2018-06-26): According to a Tweet by CBC, Environment Canada gave their permission to relocate the killdeer’s nest to a “suitable habitat” nearby.