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Ottawa Woman At-Risk of Losing Eye As Result of Eyeball Tattoo

A 24-year-old Ottawa woman, Catt Gallinger, is speaking out against the dangers of sclera tattoos (the whites of the eye) after the procedure has cost her partial loss of vision and could result in loss of the eye altogether.

Gallinger’s procedure was performed by an unqualified person who made a series of mistakes including failing to properly dilute the ink, using the wrong size of needle, and going too deep into the eye. Gallinger is using her Facebook account to warn others of the dangers associated with sclera tattoos.


-Sclera Tattoo-
(Whites of the eye tattoo)

For everyone…

Posted by Catt Gallinger on Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Both Ophthalmologists and tattoo studios are warning people against jumping into the procedure.

“What’s going to happen when these dyes migrate to different parts of the eyeball or different parts of the body?” Ottawa-based ophthalmologist Dr. Setareh Ziai asked CTV. “Are there risks related to cancer? Persistent inflammation? We have no idea. So even if you really like what you look like and the procedure went perfectly well, we don’t know what’s going to happen three, five, 10 years down the road.”

“No tattooer I know would offer it. Most of us have a conscience, would like to keep our jobs, and keep making cool tattoos in whatever style we choose to work in,” David Glantz of Archive Tattoo Studio said in an email to CTV. “There’d be no point to any of us jeopardizing our careers for a ‘wow, one or both of you are really daring or stupid,’ kind of story. It’s not the kind of bragging most of us are in this trade for.”

Gallinger has stated that she hopes the procedure can become more stringently regulated.

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