Outrage Over Shooting of Gorilla After Boy Falls Inside Enclosure at Cincinatti Zoo

Many blame the parents for the resulting Gorilla's death

Zoo officials say it was a tough, but necessary choice. Others are not sure sure it was necessary to shoot and kill a 17 year old gorilla at The Cincinnati Zoo after a four-year old boy fell into its enclosure.

Video shows the gorilla dragging the boy around, but onlookers say it did not appear to be hurting the boy. In fact, they say it may have been protecting the child. More than 2,000 people have signed a petition criticizing the Cincinnati Police Department and the zoo for putting down the animal. They have also called for the child’s parents to be held accountable for not supervising their child. The animal, named Harambe, was a Western lowland gorilla, an endangered species. The zoo said it had intended to use him for breeding.


Image courtesy Angela n. via flickr