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Over 15,000 Scientists Have Issued A ‘Warning to Humanity’

Scientist William Ripple of Oregon State University’s College of Forestry noticed a warning from scientists that was issued in 1992, and realized that this year marks the 25th anniversary. He decided to do some research and see how the data held up compared to this year, and his findings weren’t good.

Ripple found a decline in freshwater availability, ocean dead zones, forest loss, among other pressing issues. He found the trends to be alarming, so he decided to do something about it. Ripple sent his article to around 40 of his colleagues, and found that by the next day, it had accumulated 600 signatures. Within two days, 1,200, and today it has over 15,000.

The hope is that this will raise awareness about the state of our environment. In the article, which you can view here, scientists warn, ” A great change in our stewardship of the earth and the life on it, is required, if vast human misery is to be avoided and our global home on this planet is not to be irretrievably mutilated.”

The article gained popularity over twitter, using the hashtag #ScientistsWarningToHumanity.

It also states that the world’s largest polluters are the developed nations. Of the 15,364 signatures accumulated to date, which come from 184 different countries, 554 are Canadian. Scientists urge people to understand that “time is running out” and we need to make changes in the way we are living if we want things to get better.

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