Over 30 Rescued Dogs from Hurricane Harvey Arrived in Toronto this Morning

Houston rescue dogs in need of homes

A local organization called Redemption Paws has transported over 30 rescue dogs from Houston to Toronto in hopes of finding them homes.

The dogs were already rescues in Houston; they were housed in rescue organizations in Texas prior to the hurricane. According to Redemption Paws, an organization dedicated to helping rescues in natural disaster areas find homes in safer places, the dogs arrived at the Ontario SPCA headquarters in Newmarket this morning. They arrived via four vans that left Houston on Saturday, and were accompanied by volunteers.

They are here!!

Posted by Redemption Dogs on Monday, September 11, 2017

The OSPCA will care for the dogs upon their initial arrival, tend to any medical needs, and house them for about 10-11 days before putting them up for adoption.

The organization took dogs that had the least likely chance of finding homes, which includes dogs with special needs and old age.

For adoption information, check out Redemption Dogs’ Facebook page for updates.

Redemption hero Curtis shows us around the Van as we make our first stop. Some great dogs in here for y'all to meet.

Posted by Redemption Paws on Saturday, September 9, 2017