Over 80 Toronto Bars Are Getting Rid of Straws

Stop sucking Toronto

Nearly 100 bars and restaurants in Toronto are saying no to straws.

Next Saturday, April 21st, dozens of establishments have agreed to ban plastic straws for the day in participation of The Last Straw campaign. Pressure has been mounting from environmental communities around the world for major metropolises to cut the use of plastic straws that so often end up in landfills and our oceans rather than being recycles.

In a statement made on the Last Straw website, they say the campaign “is a stepping stone to a more mindful approach in our consumption of single use plastics.”

According to data collected by environmental agencies, “straws and stirrers are among the top ten marine plastic debris found on coastal cleanups.” Even something as small as plastic straws can have devastating impact on marine wildlife. Many became aware of how dangerous plastic straws can be when video footage began circulating of a straw stuck deep within a turtles nostrils.

While The Last Straw is a one-day only event, it’s organizers say they hope it will create a lasting effect on businesses. “The Last Straw is a stepping stone,” the statment reads. “It is an experiment in a more mindful approach to the consumption of plastic resources in our industry. We invite you to partner with us in changing the way our industry uses straws. They don’t have to be an automatic step in bartending, or an element of standard drink presentation.”

To learn more about The Last Straw visit the website here.
Photo by Lizzie on Unsplash