Overcoats | Collective Arts Black Box Sessions

Overcoats perform "Walk On" and "I Don't Believe In Us" live in the Collective Arts Black Box at Indie88.

When Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell first met at University in Connecticut in 2011, they quickly bonded over their shared diverse love of music and developed an “immediate closeness that verges on sisterhood.” But when they first heard each other sing, a moment they have both described that moment as an epiphany, they both immediately recognized that they had found a truly special chemistry.

By 2015 they had their first EP release under their belt, and in 2017 they shared their debut full-length album YOUNG, co-produced by Nicolas Vernhes (Daughter, The War On Drugs, Dirty Projectors, Cass McCombs), and released on Arts & Crafts. They visited Indie88 to perform “Walk On”, as well as “I Don’t Believe In Us” which was later released as a bonus track on the deluxe version of Young.

“[I Don’t Believe In Us] is about disillusionment. It’s about realizing that a fairytale you’ve been believing your whole life is false. It’s about figuring out what to do with that information – how to move forward. We wrote the song in Paris in a tiny little apartment on a night off while on tour in the summer. We wrote it without any instruments, just 2 voices and us drumming with our hands on the desk.”

“When we got back, we finished the track with Arthur Ashin, Joao Gonzalez, and Bram Inscore. This song is the final chapter of YOUNG, to end the journey that has taken us all over North America and Europe. It’s a provocative look at all the transformation we’ve been through, all the difficult changes. We’re excited to see what happens next…Do we believe?”