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Overcoats talk fighting for change and finding inner strength on new album, share video for reprise of title track ‘The Fight’

Today, indie duo Overcoats are sharing a video for a new reprise of their recent album’s title track, “The Fight,” and we got to sit down and chat with band members Hana and JJ about fighting for change, finding inner strength, and ways that they’re staying connected with their fans while social distancing.

“The Fight (Reprise)” is powerful ballad that strays from the album version of the track, moving from an indie pop anthem to a harmony-heavy, emotive track. The new rendition of “The Fight” truly allows Hana and JJ’s vocal lines to shine, while moving thematically toward a “darker, but also more raw and emotional” version, the pair explain.

Watch the video for the new track and check out what Overcoats had to say about their recent album, the new track, and ways that they’re constantly fighting for who they are, what they want, and what they hope to see in the world below.

Indie88: You recently released your sophomore album The Fight, which definitely sees the two of you grow sonically from your debut album, as you seem to explore new sounds and themes. How would you say your sound has changed since the release of Young?

Overcoats: Absolutely. Our second record is much grittier, more unapologetic. We wanted to introduce a lot more live instrumentation to our sound for this album, both because we craved being able to slam on guitars, but also because the subject matter we were writing about required it.

Indie88: You’ve said that The Fight is about “the idea you have to fight for who you are, what you want, and what you hope to see in the world,” what are some of those things that you fight for and where do you see them pop up throughout the album?

Overcoats: We are constantly, consciously and unconsciously, fighting for representation in the music industry. This concept comes up in a few songs on the record where we are demanding to be treated with respect (“New Shoes,” for example). “YJSTS” speaks directly to the sexist micro-aggressions we’ve experienced in the recording studio and expresses our frustration at the way things haven’t changed. We are also battling our own demons and feelings of anxiety and depression… and those themes are present in many of the songs on the record. “The Fight,” “I’ll Be There,” and “Drift” all touch on the journey of finding inner strength, fighting loneliness, and having the will to carry on.

Indie88: You’ve released a reprise of the album’s anthemic title track “The Fight” today, can you tell us a little bit about the track and what the inspiration is for the reprise?

Overcoats: Yes – so “The Fight” was a song originally written on piano, and when we both sang it together for the first time, we knew that it was the thesis of our album. While making the record, we recorded two versions; an anthemic, rock version (the one on the album), and a more ballad-like reprise. We decided to go with the anthemic version because we felt like we wanted the song to be inspirational and hopeful. The reprise is a bit darker, but also more raw and emotional. Each version really represents the two sides of the record, as it moves from rock anthems like “Apathetic Boys” or “The Fool” to bare, acoustic performances like “Drift” and “New Shoes.”

Indie88: Lastly, you two have been pretty innovative when it comes to staying in touch with fans despite social distancing. Can you talk a little bit about your initiative Friday Night Fights and what inspired you to start it?

Overcoats: So we were supposed to be touring the country all spring for our new album. We were so sad to have to postpone the tour, as we had been looking forward to it for basically 2 years. It felt really debilitating and hopeless to just stay home in a time that was supposed to be so exciting and dynamic, especially while being apart (JJ is in New York, Hana in Maryland for this disaster). So, we decided to hang out every Friday night and do something fun that inspired the fight in us — something to make us laugh or something to connect with. We also wanted to use it as an opportunity to find ways to play music for our fans. Every Friday night we get on Instagram live and we play games, or read each other’s tarot, or talk about what we’re up to — and then we post a special reimagined version of a song from our album, that we record separately and edit together. It’s the highlight of our week, and a great way to connect with our fans, too.
Lead photo courtesy of Raen Badua, other photos courtesy of Chelsea Brimstin.

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