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Pacific Mall Ranked One of the Most Notorious Counterfeit Goods Markets

The Office of the United States Trade Representative released their annual Notorious Markets List this week, drawing attention to one Toronto tourist attraction in particular.

Each year, the USTR releases a list of some of the world’s worst offenders for “engaging in and facilitating substantial copyright piracy and trademark counterfeiting.” The 2017 list identified 25 online markets and 18 physical markets, including one here in Toronto: you guessed it, Pacific Mall.

With over 270,000-square feet of retail space and more than 500 small shops, the sale of counterfeit goods at Pacific Mall in Ontario is sprawling and pervasive” reads the report.

“The mall is touted as the largest Chinese mall in the western world and a recognized tourist destination but it has also been a well-known market for the sale of counterfeit and pirate goods for over a decade.”

“Many of the counterfeit goods including cosmetics, sunglasses, and fragrances pose a risk to public health and safety,” the report concludes.

Pacific Mall joined the list aside the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, The Nin Heip Market in Hanoi and Tank Road in Delhi.

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