Tenant Advocate Nearly Hit By Parkdale Property Manager’s Car In Altercation

Rent Strike Protests Intensify

Tensions are high in Parkdale as the rent strike continues. On Tuesday afternoon an altercation took place between chief executive officer of MetCap Living Management Inc., Brent Merrill and tenant advocate Kevin Laforest.

Kevin Laforest, a tenant advocate says he was trying to deliver a letter to Merrill on behalf of elderly residents. In hopes to stop them so he could deliver the letter, Laforest jumps in front of Merrill’s car before he speeds up, forcing him to run backwards to keep up and not be run over.

According to The Star, Merrill was in Parkdale picking up a property manager who he claims had been threatened by protesters.

The protests were part of the rent strike many have taken up in Parkdale for lack of repair and “unfair rent hikes.”

Image and video courtesy of Merek Bucko via The Star