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Parkdale Residents Launch Rent Strike Against Landlords

Parkdale residents are rallying against one of Toronto’s largest property owners, kicking-off a rent strike Monday.

Hundreds of residents that live in properties owned by MetCap Living Management Inc. Jameson, Tyndall and Maynard Aves., say they are fed up with dirty conditions and ongoing repair issues while their rent keeps increasing.


According to The Star, approximately 200 residents at five of MetCap’s properties are withholding rent, an estimated $250,000 of income for the massive Toronto landlords. The company has applied for above-guideline rent hike, stating that they need to cover repair costs of the ageing buildings.

On Sunday, March 31st, 80 protesters marched through the neighborhood with signs and banners to gain traction among residents for the proposed rent strike. The protesters are demanding that MetCap strike any proposed rent hikes, clean up their residences and fix any much-needed repairs.

Image courtesy Nick Ruhloff via Twitter

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