Parks Canada says it’s okay to smoke weed at campsites

Campfires and cannabis anyone?

Starting tomorrow, if you head out to camp at one of Canada’s national parks, you can add cannabis to your camping kit.

Parks Canada confirmed that cannabis can be consumed at campsites this week as part of a policy that ensures visitors get a “consistent and predictable” experience at national parks.

In British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories, campers can smoke marijauna on hiking trails as long as they aren’t actually within the campgrounds. Additionally, cannabis will not be permitted in campground common areas like playgrounds, kitchen shelters, washrooms, parking areas, or roads.

According to spokesperson Marie-Hélène Brisson, the enforcements on cannabis in national parks will be similar to the possession and consumption of alcohol, where Parks Canada will have the authority to implement specific prohibitions on marijuana consumption in certain campgrounds or at certain times of the year to ensure that all visitors have a comfortable stay.

Parks Canada also urged campers to learn about local provincial, territorial, or municipal laws on cannabis before they bring it to a national park, and that smoking cannabis can increase the risk of injury in the wilderness.

As long as you read up on local laws and you’ll be set to pack a couple doobies in your camping backpack starting tomorrow.