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Particle Kid shares new singles ‘All One Day (Shadow Of The Sun),’ ‘Amerikan Lyfe’

Willie Nelson’s younger son Micah has shared two new tracks as Particle Kid, “All One Day (Shadow Of The Sun)” and “Amerikan Life.”

Both of the tunes come from particle Kid’s forthcoming double album, TIME CAPSULE, out April 22nd. The forthcoming album balances psychedelic and folk sounds, and you can really hear that on “Amerikan Life” and “All One Day (Shadow Of The Sun) (feat. Willie Nelson & Jim James).”

“This was one of the songs I recorded with Tony Peluso and Aroyn Davis in Austin in March 2020, right when COVID happened and we were basically quarantined in the studio for a week,” Micah Nelson explains or “All One Day (Shadow Of The Sun).” “I cut the session a bit short and sent the band home early because shit was about to hit the fan and I didn’t think they would be able to fly home at all if we waited much longer, (which turned out to be correct). I stayed in Texas for two months, during which I recorded a lot of music with my folks as well, and my dad sang and played his guitar Trigger on a couple Particle Kid songs including this one. Jim James hit me up at one point feeling kinda isolated from quarantine life. He, my dad and I all share birthdays in the same week, so I invited him to sing on this song, which he did beautifully.”

Listen to both “All One Day (Shadow Of The Sun)” and “Amerikan Life” below.


More about “All One Day”:

“It was nice to feel connected through this music, even at a distance,” Nelson continues. “I liked the idea of all of us sharing a birthday week, singing a song together about the illusion of time…and how your whole life is your birthday…because its all one day and the change from night to day is a subjective experience, relative to our confinement to a finite object rotating around a star. Our entire lives are one long day from the time of our birth to the moment we die…It’s cool.”

In addition to “All One Day (Shadow Of The Sun)” and “Amerikan Life,” TIME CAPSULE features Particle Kid’s previously released track, “Someone Else’s Dream.”

Check out the tracklist for TIME CAPSULE below.


01. “123 skip into infinity”
02. “Time Capsule Theme – The Now Is Wow”
03. “Velocirapture (The Serpent Flew)” feat. Sean Ono Lennon + Mickey Raphael
04. “Cassette I – Time Simulation Malfunctioning”
05. “Original Glitch” feat. Moskito
06. “Time Capsule Theme II”
07. “Someone Else’s Dream” feat. J Mascis, Sunny War + Paul Bushnell
08. “The Hole Time”
09. “All One Day – Shadow of the Sun” feat. Willie Nelson + Jim James
10. “Along The Timey Road”
11. “Thurxzday”
12. “King of Ashes”
13. “Rumplestiltskin” feat. Nikitia Sorokin
14. “Time Capsule Theme III – Break Free From The Loop”
15. “Mycorrhiphone”
16. “Cassette II”
17. “WTF – No Somebody” feat. The Lovely Eggs + Raman Steve
18. “Smart People”
19. “Love is Worth” feat. Margo Price, Jeremy Ivey + Eric Sullivan
20. “Cassette III – The Panda” feat. The Nerfs
21. “Little Fish – Deep Pond”
22. “The Pages”
23. “Algorythm” feat. Dave Ralicke
24. “Time Capsule – Little Sting”
25. “Don’t Try”
26. “Amerikan Lyfe” feat. Willie Nelson

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