Passion Pit Giving Away Free Digital Downloads of Their Album for a Retweet

Passion Pit turned their Twitter account into a Q&A for the day

If you’re hoping for a healthy dose of free music, look no further than a retweet. All day today Passion Pit has been gifting their album, Tremendous Sea of Love, for free to anyone who throws them an RT.

The group has been advocating for mental health awareness through various web methods, including a YouTube account earlier this year by the name of “The Wishart Group,” in which Passion Pit released an array of new songs.

To continue their campaign, today Passion Pit temporarily handed their Twitter account over to Broad Institute neuroscientist Michael F. Wells, using the hashtag #weneedscience. Wells has been answering questions all day regarding science and research and how both tie into mental health. So far, interactions have covered anything from the relevance of research to the stigma attached to mental illness to acknowledgements of personal experiences. Scroll down to see a few tweets that have taken place.