Passion Pit Is Releasing A Song Every Day This Week

And they're all incredible

Synth-pop king Michael Angelakos, who writes and records under Passion Pit, has released a new song every day this week, with no sign of stopping before the week’s end.

On Monday, he announced his new company The Wishart Group, aimed to provide musicians with healthcare, legal, and education services. To coincide with this announcement, he published a two and a half minute instrumental song to the company’s YouTube page. What initially seemed like a one-off is now showing that he could have something bigger in the works with his hashtag #seaoflove. A new EP? A new album? Only time will tell.

“I’m Perfect” is a certified bop with popping synths, his signature falsetto, and electronic trinkets rounding out the two minute song.

The second song released, “Somewhere Up There” changes directions multiple times, going from his original Chunk of Change days to Gossamer era like the smooth R&B song “Constant Conversations.”

Photo by Steven Brahms.