Patty Party: Toronto’s Best Patties

Jamaican me hungry

Jamaican Patties could be the most underrated snack that exists. Nothing against you pizza, I’ma let you finish… but Patties are on the up and up. Juicy beef, veggie or whatever, spiced to your preference, with crisp yet flaky pastry to hold it all together. Is your mouth watering? SAME.

Here’s where you should plan your next patty party:

Golden Patty | Kensington Market

This place has been nestled in Kensington Market for quite some time and it’s a go-to for any patty lover in the city. Personally I’ve never seen someone frown while eating one of their delicious offerings and they’re said to have one of the most authentic patties in the 6.
golden patty

Patois | Dundas West

This isn’t your patty-on-the-go location, OH NO, this is much different. Patois specializes in Jamaican cuisine and is offering possibly the most decadent patty in the city: the “Jamaican Patty Double Down”. For only $7 you get Two cocktail patties, bacon, Swiss cheese fondue, and sriracha, all in one almost too good to be true dish. Brunch fan? How about egg’s benny on a PATTY.  


Caribbean Queen of Patties | Bloor & Lansdowne

Instead of grabbing a run of the mill patty at the Coffee Time just foot steps away, cross the street and head to Caribbean Queen of Patties for a quality snack. You don’t just give yourself such a royal title unless you’re whipping up something divine. Georgia, the queen herself, offers beef, chicken and what’s being called the best veggie patty in the city – so what are you waiting for?
patty queen  

Island Foods | King & Dufferin

Primarily known for their out of bounds (Guy Fieri reference) roti, their patties are a nicely kept secret. Golden, perfectly cooked pastry and a few different fillings to choose from make this a must-hit stop if you’re exploring patty territory.

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Patties Express | Yonge & Elm

After ruling North York for years, Patties Express brought their tasty treats downtown. Crisp but tender on the outsite, spicey and savory on the inside. If you’re kicking around Yonge & Elm and you need something to eat on the go, skip the taquito and nom on a Jamaican delight. They also do catering for those who want to have a plethora of patties.
patties express

Patty King | Kensington Market

This is kind of like the patty you grew up eating. Before you go thinking: “Why is the average patty on the list then?”, it’s because not only is Patty King a staple in all of our childhoods but in addition to beef they also do goat, chicken, veggie and other options.
patty king