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Pavement share deluxe edition of ‘Terror Twilight’ featuring 28 previously unreleased songs

Pavement have shared an epic deluxe reissue of their fifth and final album, Terror Twilight.

The massive reissue boasts a whopping 45 tracks, with 28 previously unreleased songs. Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal boasts “the remastered original album, B-sides, home demos, rehearsal tapes, era-appropriate live recordings, and even the rough tracks from Pavement’s scrapped session at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon studio.”

Not only are there 28 new tunes, but this reissue also restores produced Nigel Godrich’s sequencing of the album. This order brings the darker material to the beginning, with the softer pop tunes at the end.

Stream the deluxe edition of Terror Twilight below.

Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal is available in a 4xLP and 2xCD edition. Both of those will feature a book with never-before-seen photos and commentary from band members Mark Ibold, Stephen Malkmus, Bob Nostanaovich, Spiral Stairs, and Steve West alongside produced Nigel Godrich.

Back in March, to promote the reissue of Spit on a Stranger, which is also out today, Pavement shared a video for “Harness Your Hopes.” That clip stars none other than Yellowjackets‘ Sophie Thatcher. Throughout the video, Thatcher acts as an obsessive conspiracy-theorist and Pavement fan. Thatcher deep dives into the history of Pavement as she gets placed in some of their classic music videos.

The Spit on a Stranger reissue marks the first time the EP was pressed to vinyl. The EP includes the Terror Twilight title track alongside four previously unreleased singles.

Stream Spit on a Stranger here.

If you’re looking for physical copies of either reissue, you can purchase Terror Twilight here or Spit on a Stranger here.

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