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Peace Collective is Opening A Brick-and-Mortar Store in Toronto

Rocking a Toronto Vs. Everybody tee has become somewhat synonymous with Toronto Pride. After all, with Drake, The Blue Jays, Raptors and the C.N. tower there’s a lot of international attention to the city.

And, according to last year’s sales, city dwellers have taken a liking to the bold printed statement.

Following an Instagram post made last October by Jose Bautista, which depicted Josh Donaldson, David Price, and the right fielder himself looking quite stylish in the local attire, his nearly 400,000 followers went a little ballistic.

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Almost one year later, you will soon be able to purchase one of your own at Peace Collective’s first ever standalone store, claiming it’s territory at a 2,000 square foot space, located on Ossington Ave.

The store feng shui will emulate Peace Collective’s minimalist aesthetic, which fits in well with Toronto’s laid back fashion sense.

It’s going to be something that people want to take a photo of, something that people are going to be impressed by visually,” says Peace Collective’s John Molina.

Along with the signature pro-Toronto garments, the new store will be showering customers with a little comfort food. The company is launching ‘Peace Treats’, an “over-the-top” milkshake station in the front of the store. Peace Collective is rumoured to open for business some time near the end of August.

Check out some more of their other Canadian-pride items below:

Image courtesy Peace Collective

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