Pearson Airport Customs Lost 10-Pound Rescue Dog

Have you seen this dog?

UPDATE: The dog has been found. Canadian Border Services Agency confirmed that the pup was located Tuesday afternoon. See original story below.

A search is underway for a 10-pound rescue dog on her way from Athens, Greece.

Emily, the tiny Pomeranian bolted from Toronto customs agents after she was let out of her cage Monday night. She was on her way with four other dogs to meet their new foster families through Greek adoption agency Stray Paws.

At around 3:30 p.m. Monday afternoon, the dogs landed at Pearson after a 15-hour flight. As CBC reports, They were held for three more hours in their cages before customs agents began questioning their escort, insisting the dogs be processed commercially. That would have meant the dogs be caged for another hour.

Adoption co-sponsor Tasoula Somers asked if the customs agents could let the dogs out of their cages, which she was told they would not. Instead, they brought the dogs outside near Terminal 3, a grassy, but not bordered area, which is where Emily then ran away from the agents.

“We said okay because they’re customs, we don’t have a choice. We then received a call from commercial customs that one of the dogs had escaped and ran away and that’s all we knew,” Somers told CTV.

Four hours after the dog went missing, Somers said she still had no idea what was going on. “None of the people responsible for looking after the dog have come to say ‘We’re sorry’ or tell us what’s going on, but we’re doing our best to find Emily.”

Emily’s new adoption family had been waiting at the airport until 11 p.m., but were devastated to find out they would not be bringing home their new addition.

“She had a whole litter of babies and this little 10-pound dog managed to keep all of the babies alive,” Emily’s new family memeber Jordan Wong said. “So who knows what she’s doing now? She could be out there looking for her babies.

Somers and a team of volunteers will continue to search for Emily in the area today. If you see the dog, do not chase, insists Stray Paws, rather watch the dog and contact the organization.
Image courtesy Stray Paws from Greece