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Peel Officer Plays Drums For Band After A Noise Complaint Call

The band Vinyl Ambush was playing a private event in a Mississauga backyard on Saturday, May 20th. It was almost cut short when a noise complaint call came in about a band performing too loud. The band instead was greeted by an officer who hopped on the drum kit.

According to the Toronto Star, the officers showed up just before 9 p.m. and asked the band to turn down the volume, but then said they could keep playing. Upon returning to the party to ask the band to re-position their amps, one officer decided to flex his drumming abilities for the final song of the night.

Const. Joel Clark is the officer who hopped behind the drums and had some words of wisdom for the young band. The constable had dreams of being in the entertainment business when he was younger but never had anyone giving him positive words of encouragement, so that’s exactly what he gave Vinyl Ambush.

“I played in bands, I toured. It’s tough work,” Clark told the young group, “be willing to be broke for a bit, do what you gotta do to keep going.” The constable had an audience of all ages as he shared some wisdom, including when he said, “the biggest regret I have in my life is stopping.”

It was a surprising turn of events, as the band thought they were getting shut down when the officers showed up.

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