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People Actually Paid $38 For Bottles of Unfiltered ‘Hot Dog Water’ at a Vancouver Festival

A Vancouver man had the last laugh after marketing “Hot Dog Water” and people actually paid $38 per bottle of it at Vancouver’s Car Free Day festival. Douglas Blevins boiled 100 beef hot dogs, then bottled each one with the water. Bevans said it was an experiment to see how quickly people would fall for health benefit claims backed but supposed science.

Bevans, the “CEO” of Hot Dog Water, promised the water would help lead to increased brain function, weight loss, a youthful appearance, and even erase crow’s feet when applied to the face.

Bevans said he sold 60 litres of his stunt product.

“We’re helping people, empowering them to use informed decisions in their purchasing choices,” he said. “That is the message behind this.”

There you have it, this gullible species is doomed.

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